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Leilani Latcham

I like to feel stretchy, supple, peaceful, sweaty, calm, clear, light, free, strong, happy, honest, connected and ZEN-ey. And that’s how I teach.

I started gymnastics at age 5. I learnt how to flip, go upside down, and use my entire body as one machine. 


In 2012 I moved to Bali, Indonesia. My spiritual journey was lit. I learnt I had a choice in my internal state. It was as if I had woken up from a dream. I felt so grateful for what I found. Peace. I poured it right into my practice and teaching. 

Consciousness has been my journey and it’s my foremost intention on the mat. It’s my true practice and the style I teach. With presence and connection to our body the magic flows right in. Our state of mind is compassionate and peaceful and the physical body thrives.


My style is a product of all the intensely transformative physical and spiritual experiences I’ve had thus far.

Courtney Zohs (Zoe)

I am a Yoga Alliance certified ERYT-500 with 10 years teaching experience.

I teach a Tantric Hatha vinyasa style of asana, with bandha, pranayama and meditation incorporated with each class. I have a strong emphasis of utilising the breath to stimulate the prana vayus in each class, as well as ensuring each student is practicing safely within the realm of their own body type and being able to reach the full function of each posture. 

I have taught general classes, privates, workshops, sporting teams, corporate groups, restorative, people with disabilities, pre and post natal, and working with specific injuries with students. My most recent work was assisting to run both 200 and 300hr YTT courses in Indonesia. I was teaching asana, pranayama, meditation and giving the occasional lecture during these courses, as well as being a mentor for all students attending courses. 

My main personal practice is meditation and I spend quite some time, daily in formal sitting practice, as well as attending several vipassana retreats each year. I practice what has generally come from the Mahasi style of Theravada Buddhist techniques. This influence has been delivered into classes with dialogue directing students to increase mindfulness not just on the physical levels, but mental and emotional reactions that are provoked during asana also. With the hope of helping students bring more awareness to conditoned thinking and behaviours.



Brooke Bastien 

Registered internationally with Yoga Alliance, Brooke completed her studies with My Health Yoga on the Gold Coast and continues her education today. She is a well-travelled and has a busy yet balance lifestyle. As a teacher, Brooke is caring, creative and offers high energy or restorative yoga classes. Her teaching methods encourage growth, balance and love – focussing on the well-being and health of her students.

Jemma-Rae Sherwell 

I first stumbled across yoga when i was 19 & loved the idea of a practice that was a mind, body and soul experience, with no judgement. after my 1st yoga class at a gym i immediately signed myself to the nearest yoga teacher course i could find, and never looked back, yoga has taught me a lot about myself and a way of life. teaching yoga allows me to give to others, what yoga gave to me.  I've lived on the Sunny Coast my whole life, and my favourite hobbies are surfing, travel and keeping healthy.  The beach is where is find my peace. 

Kerry Lyons 

Kerry has been practising yoga for over 40 years and loves the way it makes her feel. It was this that inspired her to take up teaching which she has been doing for 7 years. She continues to be fascinated by how the practice of yoga can have profound effects on both physical and mental well being, how people’s lives may be transformed in ways they may not have imagined. 

Her classes encourage people to explore how it feels to move with the breath, how it feels to sense the body, and, Kerry’s greatest passion, how it feels to give up striving and the wonders that happen when we do! 

An integral part of her teaching is iRest Yoga Nidra, a deep and powerful relaxation tool as well as a guide to the path of meditation. 

Students love this practice.