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Yoga for Sports

Yoga has not only become well known as a benefit to the professional athlete, it has become essential to reach the pinnacle of one's sport.  Please click on the following link to find out why.  I could not have said it better myself.


Yoga Vida has been a long time advocate of yoga for sports people, and we have trained numerous athletes, including nutrigrain ironmen series contenders, professional footballers of all codes, numerous triathletes and multisportsmen.  Golfers have improved their swing, boxers their balance, and swimmers their breathing.  The list is endless.

Athletes of all levels are welcome to engage in a program.  Yoga Vida provides sponsorship at different levels for semi pro and pro athletes.  Please call Bryan to discuss.  We also welcome sporting groups to get in contact in regard to special discounts for clubs, affiliations, training groups, et al.

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Dave Dellow has been working at Yoga Vida for over 5 years.  Let's keep an eye out for his results at Kona this year in the World Ironman championships.  He has qualified alread with a top 3 finish in Melbourne.


I've been working with Bryan at Yoga Vida for 5 years now. Yoga is a crucial component to my training and helps me remain injury free, increase my strength and range of movement and also just to relax. Bryan doesn't fit the yoga instructor stereo type, he's a normal Aussie guy that understands the benefits of yoga and is great at accommodating all different levels.  - David Dellow


Margie Atthow is a physiotherapist, who loves competitive running.  Her battle with illness was overcome with a little help from yoga.  Good luck with Margie's quest for a berth on the Commonwealth games team for 1500m.


Can Margie Atthow run herself back into contention for the upcoming Commonwealth Games team?  Go Margie!!!

“I discovered Bryan 2 years ago after I had just been diagnosed with a serious illness that prevented me from running. The strength, balance, and flexibility that I gained during these early classes not only helped me keep my sanity while recuperating, but helped me build a base to come back as a better athlete. I am now back running the best I have in my life, and I wouldn’t be without his sessions as part of my training program.” 

“Yoga Vida is not fluffy yoga. It is geared towards real people looking to make real gains in their health and fitness, regardless of what level they are at or what they want to achieve.” - Margie Atthow



Peggy Harris is an up and coming surf athlete, knocking on the door of the Nutri Grain series

Keep an eye out for Peggy Harris in this years Coolangatta Gold, and Nutri grain Ironman series.  

'I found Yoga Vida after I ran into a wall of fatigue, and unwellness. It helped me gain back my strength, and movement as well as kept me sane and happy. It still continues to help me build my muscles and improve my flexibility, and wellness. Yoga Vida I found is different from other places because it really focuses on building a healthier physical body, as well as focuses on spiritual aspects to relive any mental stresses' - Peggy Harris


Melanie Panayiotou is an elite marathon runner, currently ranked second on the Australian marathon rankings after running a PB of 2:38:26 in Japan in 2014. She has since been selected to represent Australia at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, where she hopes to run another PB. 

Melanie is also the Head Veterinarian at Australia Zoo where she looks after more than 1200 mammals, birds and reptiles.


Here's Mel winning this year's Noosa Half Marathon in 1.17.17.  Go Mel!!

"Yoga is a great way to help me recover, stretch and feel balanced when I'm running 160km+ every week. I'm looking forward to adding more Yoga Vida classes into my schedule in my recovery period after the Commonwealth Games and in my build up to the next big race."- Melanie Panayiotou