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Welcome to      Yoga Vida

What is our Sunshine Coast Yoga Studio about?

Yoga Vida is the biggest (and best) Yoga Studio on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve been teaching Yoga to the Sunshine Coast Yoga community for over 15 years. We have super experienced yoga teachers, many of whom have taught at Yoga Vida for over 10 years.

Our Yoga Studio offers classes for everyone, from beginners, to advanced, in the practice of Yoga – And everyone in between! We like to think of ourselves as "The Surf Club" of yoga studios. In any particular class you'll find parents with their kids, athletes, over 50's, tradies, pretty much anyone that values their health and wellness. Our welcoming community and inclusivity is the cornerstone of Yoga Vida.

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class times

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from $20 per week

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Change room 

20 classes per week, classes everyday

Yoga classes in Mooloolaba and online

How did Yoga Vida begin?

Yoga Vida started when our founder, Bryan, began practicing Yoga almost 20 years ago. He pursued the art like a passion for two years before he decided to start to teach the things he had learned to the wonderful Mooloolaba community. 

Apart from Bryan, we have a brilliant team of ten + highly trained Yoga class instructors, most of whom have been a part of the Yoga Vida family for over a decade, or trained to be yoga teachers via our Yoga Teacher Training. Collectively, the group has almost 80 years of Yoga teaching experience

In terms of footprint, Yoga Vida is the biggest Yoga Studio on the Sunshine Coast. This enables us to offer spacious, comfortable classes, more frequently and at a wide array of times – Suiting everyones schedule. 

How Can We Help?

Yoga Vida can help those interested in both meditation & Yoga. Our scheduled classes are meant for everyone - Prenatal yoga to Yoga for professional athletes. 

We practice Yoga with the Hawthorn Hawks AFL team during their annual pre-season trip to the Sunny Coast and offer private classes to all sports teams, athletes and also for business groups and private groups. Get a gang and we'll find you a time for your private class.

All of our scheduled classes are available to beginners. However, if you’re still having trouble keeping up with things, you can go with our beginner’s class for first-timers to the world of yoga. Or if you'd like some one on one, or small group guidance, book your own private class.

Additionally our Sunshine Coast Yoga classes are available online for those who prefer the comfort of their own home.

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