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Yoga Vida is online

Welcome to our online offerings. Our heart goes out to all that are struggling financially and emotionally.  Let's collectively send happy thoughts around our community, and visualise a brighter outcome appearing soon. Once again, thank you everyone for your outpour of support during these challenging times. We have been overwhelmed by thanks and love for our online offerings. Here are a few simple instructions to get you moving


Online Classes

(watch any time at your convenience)

Step 1
If you have a current membership with Yoga Vida, please go to step 2.  A current membership means you have a direct debit deduction fortnightly or monthly, or you have purchased a 12 month up front membership. If you have a class pass 
(5, 10, 25, 50, 100), This will be paused until we reopen. 

To join membership, please email Bryan at, for him to set up and verify with you. Please include the following details:

  • Bank AC Name

  • BSB

  • Bank AC Number

There is no lock in obligation, but the fortnightly deduction of $50 will continue, until you ask us to terminate via email. Family sharing is fine, just one account is needed per family.

Step 2
Join our Member Vault page, to access classes - CLICK HERE 

Step 3
All the classes we have produced and continue to produce will be there available for you to click on and watch at your leisure, any time.  Why not get the family together and do a class together in the lounge.  Ask a teenager how to cast from phone to TV, or use your computer.  You can pause it, replay it, whatever you like.  Welcome onboard!

Book your class with the MindBody App

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