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Hot & Bikram Yoga Sunshine Coast

The two may be used interchangeably in a lot of places around the world, but the truth is that Bikram yoga and hot yoga are quite different. Both do take place in a heated room and make you sweat a lot; there are still other differences that set the two apart. If you want to know the difference between Bikram and hot yoga in Sunshine Coast, we’re here to help you out. Here are the key differences between these two types of yoga.

Difference Between Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga in Sunshine Coast


  • While both forms of yoga are conducted in a hot environment, it’s important to note that there is a huge temperature difference between the two types of yoga.

  • Bikram yoga is conducted in a room with a temperature of 40 degrees with 40 percent humidity.

  • Whereas, hot yoga in Sunshine Coast typically takes place at whatever temperature the instructor and studio deem appropriate. Bikram is typically much, much hotter than hot yoga.


  • There’s a significant difference when it comes to poses as well. Hot yoga can have any number of different poses. Similar to the temperature, this also depends on the instructor and studio.

  • However, the usual Bikram yoga in Sunshine Coast has 26 specific poses that need to be performed in a certain order. Bikram yoga is a lot more regimented and strict than hot yoga.


  • The hot yoga classes sunshine coast environment is really easy to set up. It can be performed with dim lights paired with any type of surface available.

  • However, the Bikram yoga classes is done with extremely bright lighting all over the room. At Yoga Vida our hot yoga practice is done with dim lighting.


  • Bikram yoga is usually extremely strict when it comes to noise. Here at Yoga Vida, like with bikram yoga we try and practice our hot yoga classes in relative silence. Typically we play soft, subtle music in the background to set an ambiance.

  • However, your typically Bikram yoga classes in Sunshine Coast are done in pure silence, or very limited noise. There is no music at all. Even the instructor isn’t allowed to go around telling people what postural adjustments they should be making.

  • The students aren’t even allowed to interact with each other during their sessions. This really goes to show how extreme Bikram yoga can really be.

Required Skill Cap:

  • Hot yoga can be relatively easy to perform. It’s not well-suited for everyone, but any amateur with the basic know-how of yoga can perform hot yoga fairly easily. Plus, they can request their instructors for an easy-to-follow regime with minimal heat until they get used to the regime.

  • However, there is no form of leniency available or allowed in Bikram yoga on Sunshine Coast. You need to have some sort of experience performing in the severe heat.

  • If you’re fairly new to yoga, we highly recommend staying away from the idea of Bikram yoga and Hot yoga for a few months. It’s meant to push a student to their maximum, and if you’re just a newbie, you won’t have the endurance necessary to undertake the either yoga practise properly.


Who Can Teach Bikram & Hot Yoga:

  • Every teacher conducting Bikram yoga classes in Sunshine Coast or anywhere in the world must be either directly taught by the founder Bikram Chaudhry, or needs to be trained by an affiliated studio.

  • Whereas all accredited yoga teachers are able to teach hot yoga.

Here at Yoga Vida, our hot yoga class is one of our more advanced classes and we don’t recommend beginning your yoga practice immeditaly with hot or bikram yoga. The reason is simple, you won’t enjoy yourself – Its like riding a motorcycle before ever riding a bike.

We hope this article has given some insight into the differences between hot yoga and bikram yoga.

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